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ANR MiTiV  (2009-2014)

Project Leader.

MiTiV (Méthodes Inverses de Traitement en Imagerie du Vivant) is a project funded by the French ANR. The objectives are to exploit the inverse approach for image reconstruction in bio-medical imaging and astronomy. The main achievements are:

  • dynamic tomography for medical X-ray tomography
  • 3D blind deconvolution for microscopy
  • fast shift variant point spread function for wide field imaging in astronomy or microscopy
  • blind deconvolution of coronarographic sequences

OPTICON (2013-2917)

WP4 Interferometric Image Reconstruction is part of OPTICON FP7.

LIO (Lyon Institute of Origin)

LIO is a Labex.

ANR POLCA (2011-2015)

POLCA (Processing of pOLychromatic interferometriC data for Astrophysics) is a project funded by the French ANR to fully exploit the multi-spectral capabilities of stellar interferometers. The aim is to bring together people from optical stellar interferometry and from signal processing to make a breakthrough in the potential of stellar interferometry by fully using the polychromatic information of interferometric data, and to demonstrate it on significant science cases with real data.

Aspect FUI

Aspect (2009—2011) is funded by the FUI (Fonds Unique Interministériel) and is targetted at developping inovative solutions to manage and secure goods transportation in an harbor.

Yeti 6.4.0

Yeti version 6.4.0 has been released (2015-02-06). This version has no new feature compared to 6.3.3 but is now hosted on GitHub. [more]


MiRA won 2008' Beauty Contest

MiRA has won the 2008' edition of the Beauty Contest for image reconstruction algorithms from optical interferometry data.