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In case of problems with MiRA

Yorick is a wonderful language for data and signal processing written by David Munro.


YGSL is a Yorick plug-in to bring some special functions of the GSL (GNU Scientific Library) into Yorick.

YGSL is available at GitHub:

Other Plugins

Most of my Yorick plugins are publically available (see HERE). The following ones are not yet freely distributed (but will probably be in a near future if someone shows interest):

  • YImage - Yorick plugin for image processing;
  • YFreeImage - Yorick plugin to FreeImage image i/o library;
  • YLapack - Yorick plugin for Lapack/Atlas/OpenBLAS/GotoBLAS algebra libraries;
  • YEigen - Yorick plugin for Eigen linear algebra library;
  • YOCV - Yorick plugin for OpenVC image processing library;
  • SPL - Signal Processing Library.


Yeti 6.4.0

Yeti version 6.4.0 has been released (2015-02-06). This version has no new feature compared to 6.3.3 but is now hosted on GitHub. [more]


MiRA won 2008' Beauty Contest

MiRA has won the 2008' edition of the Beauty Contest for image reconstruction algorithms from optical interferometry data.