Yorick is a great interactive data processing language written by David Munro. You may find a pre-compiled Yorick version for your machine; otherwise, you must compile and install it yourself. This is also the case if you want to use the last CVS version of Yorick.

Since building Yorick may not be trivial, this note gives instructions to build and install Yorick so that is will be quickly ready for use to you.

Download CVS version of Yorick

cvs -z3 \
    co -P yorick

Download Yorick from GitHub

The first time you want to get the sources, do:

mkdir $SOMEDIR
git clone yorick

later just do

cd $SOMEDIR/yorick
git pull

to update the contents.

Installation of Yorick under a relocatable directory

This part explains how to build an (optimized) relocatable version of Yorick.

After having downloaded and unpacked the source archive or downloaded the CVS version (as explained above), goto to the top directory of Yorick source. Then configure Yorick so that it will be installed under a relocatable directory:

export CC=gcc
export CFLAGS='-pipe -Wall -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer'
make Y_HOME=relocate ysite "CFLAGS=$CFLAGS" "CC=$CC" make config "CFLAGS=$CFLAGS" "CC=$CC"

By default the level of optimization is rather low (only -O) this is why I recommend to set your optimization level (and other compiler flags) by exporting the definition of environment variable CFLAGS prior the make config command. Of course, you can choose other options. You can check/fix the optimization settings by editing file Make.cfg and look at the definition of COPT_DEFAULT.

Then build Yorick and install in local ./relocate directory:

make install

Optionally fix/complete contents of ./relocate directory:

cp -p install.rel relocate/README
cp -p play/libplay.* relocate/lib/.
cp -p gist/libgist.* relocate/lib/.
chmod 644 relocate/include/*.h
mkdir -p relocate/contrib
mv relocate/doc/README relocate/doc/CONTENTS
cp -p ONEWS TODO VERSION relocate/doc/.
cp -p gist/README relocate/doc/README.gist
cp -p play/README relocate/doc/
cd doc/html
cd ../..
tar cf - doc/html doc/refs-html | tar xf - -C relocate
find relocate -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;
find relocate -type f -exec chmod ugo+r {} \;
mkdir -p relocate/emacs
cp -p emacs/README emacs/*.el relocate/emacs/.
emacs --batch relocate/emacs/yorick.el -f emacs-lisp-byte-compile

You can now move the directory ./relocate to where you want (you may also change its name) and directly use the executable yorick into the subdirectory bin.

You can also pack the contents of ./relocate into an archive for further installation. The following commands will rename and pack ./relocate directory (warning: change the values of the PACKAGE variable according to your taste and to Yorick version):

PACKAGE=yorick-2.1.04-linux-ix86 mv relocate ${PACKAGE} tar cvf - ${PACKAGE} | bzip2 -9 > ../${PACKAGE}.tar.bz2 rm -rf ${PACKAGE}