An Atlas of MUSE Observations towards Twelve Massive Lensing Clusters

Public spectroscopic catalogs associated with the publication Richard et al. 2020


Redshift catalog

Spectral lines catalog

Mass model

Abell 2744 A2744_v1.0.fits A2744_v1.0_lines.fits Mass model
Abell 370 A370_v1.0.fits A370_v1.0_lines.fits Mass model
MACS0257 MACS0257_v1.0.fits MACS0257_v1.0_lines.fits Mass model
MACS0329 MACS0329_v1.0.fits MACS0329_v1.0_lines.fits Mass model
MACS416NE MACS0416NE_v1.1.fits MACS0416NE_v1.1_lines.fits Mass model
MACS0416S MACS0416S_v1.1.fits MACS0416S_v1.1_lines.fits Mass model
BULLET BULLET_v1.0.fits BULLET_v1.0_lines.fits Mass model
MACS0940 MACS0940_v1.0.fits MACS0940_v1.0_lines.fits Mass model
MACS1206 MACS1206_v1.0.fits MACS1206_v1.0_lines.fits Mass model
RXJ1347 RXJ1347_v1.0.fits RXJ1347_v1.0_lines.fits Mass model
SMACS2031 SMACS2031_v1.0.fits SMACS2031_v1.0_lines.fits Mass model
SMACS2131 SMACS2131_v1.0.fits SMACS2131_v1.0_lines.fits Mass model
MACS2214 MACS2214_v1.0.fits MACS2214_v1.0_lines.fits Mass model

Contact: Johan Richard