1. News from z~6-10 galaxy candidates found behind gravitational lensing clusters [abs, ps, pdf, other] :

  2. D. Schaerer (Obs Genevea, OMP), R. Pello (OMP), E. Egami (Tucson), A. Hempel (Obs Geneva), J. Richard (OMP), J.-F. Le Borgne (OMP), J.-P. Kneib (OAMP, Caltech), M. Wise (Amsterdam), F. Boone (LERMA), F. Combes (LERMA)
    Comments: 6 pages, figs included. To appear in "At the Edge of the Universe: latest results from the deepest astronomical surveys", Eds. Jose Afonso, Henry Ferguson and Ray Norris, ASP Conf. Series, in press
  3. Searching for the first galaxies through gravitational lenses [abs, ps, pdf, other]

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    Comments: Comments: 4 pages, 4 colour figures, can also be downloaded via this http URL
    Journal-ref: ESO Messenger 125 (2006) 20-23
  5. Looking for z>7 galaxies with the Gravitational Telescope [abs, ps, pdf, other]

  6. Roser Pelló (1), Johan Richard (1), Daniel Schaerer (2,1), Jean-François Le Borgne (1), Jean-Paul Kneib (3), Angela Hempel (2)
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  7. Very High-Redshift Lensed Galaxies [abs, ps, pdf, other]

  8. Roser Pelló (1), Johan Richard (1), D. Schaerer (2 and 1), Jean -François Le Borgne (1), Jean-Paul Kneib (3,1)
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  9. The EMIR observing program manager system science simulator (DOWNLOAD)

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  11. Spectrophotometric properties of galaxies: automatic measurement and analysis tools for large surveys (ABSTRACT).

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  13. Observing z>7 sources with the GTC [abs, ps, pdf, other]

  14. Roser Pelló (1), D. Schaerer (2 and 1), Johan Richard (1), Jean -François Le Borgne (1), Jean-Paul Kneib (3,1)
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    5 Latex pages, 4 figures, Proceedings of the II International Workshop on
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  15. Searches for high redshift galaxies using gravitational lensing [abs , ps , pdf , other ]

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  17. Properties of Faint Distant Galaxies as seen through Gravitational Telescopes [abs , ps , pdf , other ]

  18. Roser Pelló, Thierry Contini, Marie Lemoine-Busserolle, Johan Richard, Jean-Paul Kneib, Jean-François Le Borgne,
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    To appear in ASP Conf. S., eds. D. Valls-Gabaud & J.-P. Kneib, 26 pages, 8 figures.