Programme session ASHRA
jeudi 3 juillet 2008, après midi
Les durées comportent 5 minutes pour la discussion
Heure Orateur Titre Durée
14:00 Alberto Cornia Maximum-Likelihood based method for angular differential imaging 0:20
14:20 Raphaël Galicher Wavefront error estimation and faint companion detection by Self-Coherent Camera 0:20
14:40 Anthony Boccaletti SEE COAST, a spectro-polarimetric imaging mission to characterize exoplanets 0:20
15:00 Renaud Foy Polychromatic Laser Guide Star: 2008 status report 0:20
15:20 Michel Tallon Wavefront reconstruction with elongated sodium laser guide stars 0:20
15:40 Posters / Pause 0:30
16:10 Emilie Herwats Detection of gap signatures in protoplanetary disks by interferometry from the space : a tracer of giant forming planets 0:20
16:30 Sylvestre Lacour From long baseline interferometry to pupil masking 0:20
16:50 Lucas Labadie Soon arriving: interferometry at the LBT 0:20
17:10 Laurent Koechlin Imageur interférométrique de Fresnel 0:20
17:30 -- FIN --
Ossama Azagrouze The 2D apodization of rectangular telescope aperture using two classical Michelson interferometers and monochromatic light source
Philippe Bendjoya Canopus angular diameter precisely measured by the AMBER instrument of the VLT Interferometer (Poster, session ASHRA)
Julien Girard GUIELOA, the Mexican Adaptive Optics
Arthur Vigan Exoplanets characterization with long slit spectroscopy in high contrast imaging (Poster, session ASHRA)
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