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Snapshot of RFXplore RFSXplore is a Windows™ graphical interface to rfstool for exploring ReiserFS partitions and copying files or directories from ReiserFS filesystem (or Windows partitions) to Windows filesystem.

You can not copy files to ReiserFS partitions which remain read-only.


You must have installed rfstool and Tcl/Tk before.

To install rfstool, download file from and install the files (rfstool.exe and the DLLS's) into some directory, for instance in C:\Program Files\rfstool. As a convenience, you can find here a copy of the rfstool archive.

To install Tcl/Tk, you may use prebuild binaries made available for free by ActiveState. You may also use any other distribution or compile Tcl/Tk yourself (RFSXplore only requires Tcl and Tk, plus the Img extension, but this is optional and detected at runtime).

To install RFSXplore, just unpack RFSXplore archive, for instance into C:\Program Files\RFSXplore, and run the Tcl/Tk script RFSXplore.tcl (if you have properly installed Tcl/Tk, this should be only a matter of double-clicking on the RFSXplore icon). The first thing you'll have to do is to provide the correct path to rfstool.exe executable. Normally RFSXplore will automatically ask you this the first time it is launched or if it can not find the rfstool executable (you may also change this path by clicking the setup button in RFSXplore).


The interface is hopefully self explanatory (if you don't like the colors, you can change them: the settings are near the top of the file RFSXplore.tcl).

RFSXplore has two directory windows: the source one and the destination one plus some buttons/icons to click. On top of the directory windows, the corresponding path name is indicated by a directory name with a partition menu button to its left which you can use to change the source/destination partition. Windows partitions are labeled "A:", "B:", "C:" ... and ReiserFS partitions are labeled by a number like D.P where D is the drive number and P is the partition number.

You can navigate through directories with the partition menu, by clicking the parent button (the up arrow icon) or by double-clicking a directory line into the source or destination contents.

You can select files/directories in the source window by clicking (shift-click extends the selection, control-click adds/removes a file to/from the selection). The selected files/directories can be copied to the destination directory with the copy button (the arrow between the source and destination windows). Only regular files and directories can be copied, other files are silently ignored. Recursive copy of directories is only allowed if no destination file/directory exists with the same name.

You can create a sub-directory into a Windows directory with the rightmost button (not into ReiserFS partition).


Version 1.1 (Dec. 27, 2003):
Fix parsing of "rfstool" listing to avoid errors with Windows XP partitions.
Version 1.0 (Dec. 15, 2003):
First public release.


  • RFSXplore is copyrighted (c) 2003 by Éric Thiébaut under the GNU Public License.
  • rfstool is copyrighted (c) 2003, 2004 by Gerson Kurz under the GNU Public License.
  • Some icons are borrowed from the crystalsvg icon set of KDE.

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